Friday, 30 April 2010

Out of Hospital

Sorry I have not blogged for a while. I have been suffering with my Asthma really bad of late and it has just got out of control once again. I was admitted to Hospital early last week after a trip to A & E and wasn't released until mid this week - over 1 week later!!!! I don't think they know what to do with me!

Still on lots of medication along with steriods and using the Nebuliser quite alot, but today is the first time I have switched on my computer and took a look at what has been happening while I have been in Hospital. I haven't done any crafting at all since I have been home because I just haven't felt well enough, but I hope to do a little tomorrow after my Bridesmaids have had their fittings.

I am going to do a bit of blog hopping - maybe blog over the weekend with a card!



  1. oh kerry i'm so sorry you have been ill, i'm sure crafting will make you feel better.hope the fitting goes well, don't over do it and get better soon best wishes x sue x

  2. Oh Kerry, didn't know you were in hospital ill. Hope you are feeling better, take it easy it's not long till that wedding of yours. Hope to see you soon. Love Sandra x

  3. Glad your back on the blogs Kerry that means you are feeling a bit better!!!! Take it easy and I hope the fittings go well and everybody behaves!!!! lol xx Love Chanelle xx

  4. Hi Kerry, good to see you back on your blog. I have kept asking after you. You must take it easy and get yourself better for the wedding. Take care, hope to see you soon we have all missed you at Craft Den. Love and hugs Lynne xx

  5. Sorry to hear that.... Glad that youre home now. Just take it easy and save all your energy for looking gorgeous on your big day! Hugs Tash xxx