Friday, 11 May 2012

Hello Everyone, First of all I just wanted to say a big sorry for not being around or dropping by my favourite blogs. I have been poorly and off for the last couple of weeks but I am feeling much better now - fingers crossed! Right, I need to say two very big THANK YOUS and the first one is to my fantastic Auntie who does a lot of nice things for me when it comes to the hobby that we both love and do together, but this week she has gone that bit further. You may have seen my last post whereby I was on the brink of ditching my blog because I had made a real mess of clicking buttons that I didn't know what they did. Big mistake because I lost everything. I had no idea how to get it back and was so frustrated with it. My Auntie Chanelle offered to take a look so she logged in and managed to fix it for me. Later in the week I then recieved an email while I was at work to say that the fairies had been to my blog and this is what I saw. How amazing is this???? LOVE IT! Auntie Chanelle had spoken with her Friend in Australia and this is what she had arranged for me! I was soo touched and she knows how happy I am about this. Secondly, I want to thank the lovely lady, Lynn that made this for me. It's beautiful and I love it - thank you soo much! Right thats it from me tonight, but I went to the Craft Box last night and treated myself to a few new maggies so hopefully I will be back tomorrow with a card. Ps - sorry if there is spelling mistakes, but I can't work out where the spellcheck is on the new layout - LOL Love, Kerry XXX

Monday, 7 May 2012

Help - So annoyed xx

Hello Can anyone help me with this new blogger layout???? I have clicked a button saying that I wanted to revert back to the old blogger (that wasn't the exact wording but I can't remember) and I have ended up with this horrible layout!! I can't see my followers or my favourite blogs. I want my old blog back and I just wondered if anyone knew how to get it?? If not, I am on the brink of just deleting my blog because I really ate this new layout!!! Love Kerry xxx