Monday, 7 May 2012

Help - So annoyed xx

Hello Can anyone help me with this new blogger layout???? I have clicked a button saying that I wanted to revert back to the old blogger (that wasn't the exact wording but I can't remember) and I have ended up with this horrible layout!! I can't see my followers or my favourite blogs. I want my old blog back and I just wondered if anyone knew how to get it?? If not, I am on the brink of just deleting my blog because I really ate this new layout!!! Love Kerry xxx


  1. Oh hun - I know there is a way cos I did it ages ago if I remember click on orange box with b on (left hand side at top) and it will take you to your dashboard then on the right hand at the top you will see English uk ect and a drop down box with all the countries, next to this is a small box with a funny little circle shape thing lol.. hover over it it says blogger options, click on and you will see old blogger interface and you can go back...hope that still works do not want to click again as I do not want the new look - please though hun - do not leave us if it does not work - there will be a way to revert xxxxx

  2. Hi Kerry,
    Blogging can be so annoying sometime especially when we can't get it right..but keep at it and you will eventually get used to it:)
    Love your new banner by the way:))
    Lynn xx