Sunday, 18 July 2010

Wedding Wine Box

I hope everyone is having a good weekend. I have managed to do some crafting this morning. I was up early because I couldn't sleep so I have been sat at the table crafting.

When I got married my Auntie Chanelle made me this and I couldn't stop looking at it. It was beautiful and I would never think to have a go at anything like this, she is so clever and has great ideas. My Mum has even saved it because she would like to use it as a vase for flowers, she liked it that much.

My biggest fan, MY MUM asked if I would be able to have a go at one. Her Friend gets married in September and she said that she would love to give this as a gift like my Auntie Chanelle did for me. I was unsure, but after collecting a couple of boxes to see which would be best to try I decided to have a go and here it is......

This was my practice run; however it won't be wasted because my Mum works with someone whose sister gets married soon so I have done this for her. I used my new Magnolia wedding stamps, but used some cheap papers that I got from the last NEC because I didn't dare use my Magnolia paper in case it went wrong.

I used my circle & heart nestie and actually followed a great tutorial that Kim did in the Fairy Tale Magnolia Ink magazine. I added some flowers that I recently bought from the Craft Den.

I used my MS branch punch and also added a lovely pin with some beads that are my new obsession.

I know that mine is not a patch on my Auntie Chanelle's or the one that Kim made but I am really pleased with it. Hope you like it.




  1. This box is beautiful and I think it's definately worth getting the magnolia papers out for the next one. It makes such a special gift...xoxox Ann

  2. Kerry this is just gorgeous!!

    I love it the colours of the papers are just lush and the image looks perfect you have done a fabulous job!!

    Love the flowers and the new pin and bead look amazing will have to have some of these.

    Good luck you will need it now!! your mum will be in-undated with orders!! lol

    Love to my amazing crafty niece xx

    Chanelle xx

  3. This looks gorgeous Kerry I'm sure your mother's colleague will be overjoyed. :-) xx

  4. This is brilliant Kerry! I'm just not brave enough to try anything so complicated, I'm strictly a card girl!
    You've made a fantastic job of it, so beautiful.
    Glad to see you back in blogland.
    Love Elaine xx

  5. really fabulous Kerry, just as good as auntie Chanelle's! you will have to show us all how to make those pins, it looks fab. K x

  6. Oh wow!
    What a stunning creation Kerry!
    I love it!
    kim x

  7. It's gorgeous Kerry. Love all the flowers, and the pin. I think you are going to be making lots more. Love Sandra x

  8. Hi Kerry, your wine box is beautiful just like Chanelles. :-)Have a great holiday, see you soon. Love Lynne xx

  9. A stunning creation Kerry, I love all the beautiful details.

    Liza x