Sunday, 8 August 2010

Back from Honeymoon!

We arrived back yesterday evening from our honeymoon. We had a really good time and I am so sad it is now all over - the wedding and the honeymoon! They have both come and gone so quickly.

Here are a couple of photos of me & Martin on honeymoon

I will hopefully be back with some crafty makes soon after I have done all the washing!!!



  1. Hi Kerry

    Nice to see you back again - your honeymoon seems to have lasted for ages - but I bet it has flown for you.

    I can understand you feeling sad now it is all over. A little bit like Christmas .. . you prepare for it for ages and get all excited and then is comes and goes in a flash.

    I am sure you have lots of happy memories though and hopefully lots of photographs too.

    Now get settled down into married life and get that washing and ironing done LOL!!!

    Wishing you a "happy ever after".

    Love Jules xx

  2. Wow!!! He still looks good!!!

    So glad you had a lovely time and you both look so well in the photo's. It was lovely to see you and ya Mum last night, was so jealous you are both so brown!!!
    The Wedding Album is beautiful but wouldn't have expected anything else.
    Happy crafting (when the jobs are all done. lol)

    love Chanelle xx

  3. Welcome back Kerry, can't wait to see your LOs of the Honeymoon. :-) xx

  4. This is from now on that matters as it is the rest of your life - and each day will just get better and better - you will have ups and downs - but the up's sooooo out weigh the downs...happy ever after...

  5. Glad to see you back in blogland Kerry, but sorry for you that the honeymoon is over so quickly.
    Hope you'll post some more piccies!
    Love Elaine xx

  6. Huge congratulations on your marriage you both look so very happy!
    I bet you were so happy to see Max again!
    kim x

  7. Welcome home, so glad you had a great honeymoon - what a gorgeous couple you are! Here's to many many years of wedded bliss ;) xxx

  8. Welcome home!! it looks as though you had a lovely time. you'll have lots of happy memories to remember, I think we all feel the same after the honeymoon, a bit sad it's all ended, but you've got the married bit to look forward to now! Looking forward to the layouts! K x

  9. Welcome home Kerry, glad you had such a great time, I've just celebrated my 36th Anniversary, so although you feel sad the exciting bits are over, you still have the rest of your lives together, to have some memorable moments. Hope to see you soon xoxox Ann

  10. Oh you both look so happy, and in love. Ann's right all those years to look forward to. Love Sandra x

  11. You two are so adorable hun! :) Congrats and wishing you the happy ever after you deserve!
    Hugs~ Kim