Saturday, 19 January 2013

Finally, a Maggie Card....

As promised I am back with a card.  I have been trying to blog for some time now, but blogger isn't making it easy for me to blog in a rush.  I still can't upload any photographs and have now had to upload via Chrome.  Luckily this seems to be working else I think I would have given up!

On Monday I caught up with my Auntie Chanelle for a much needed craft day.  We haven't seen much of each other over Christmas so we arranged to craft in the afternoon while my Mum babysat Ruby.  Ruby hasn't been very well but luckily my Mum said that she was fine.  I don't think she would have said even if she wasn't ;-)

I was very naughty as I was meant to be providing the embellies for our card, but due to being back and forth with Ruby to the Doctors and then A & E on Sunday night I didn't manage to get them so everything you see here was provided by Auntie Chanelle, including the gorgeous image and honeycomb paper which she has now got me obsessing over (or should I say my Mum because she thinks its fab!).  There is lots of perks to having an Auntie that shares the same hobby, but its not good when she has everything I want!!! She is lovely and lets me borrow whatever I want though!

Bonnie was coloured with Promarkers and the papers are a mixture of First Edition and Magnolia.  I love the tone of this card and despite not buying this image, this card really makes me want to!

Just a close up of Bonnie.  I think I am going to let my Dad have this card for my Mum to give to her on Valentines day because I think she will be the only person that would really appreciate this card.  It would be wasted on Martin!!!

Finally, I couldn't blog without posting a little pic of my little lady!  It was taken at my Mums house last week and if you look close enough you can see her gripping onto my chain because the crafty little thing doesn't want to be put down!!!!  My little Max is also sleeping in the background bless him!

I hope you all have a great weekend, we are staying at my Mums tonight to save a very cold journey home later so a lazy night is in order!

I hope to be back soon with some more of my cards that I have made and have been trying to blog without much luck until now.

Love Kerry xxx


  1. Great card Kerry, love the colours you have chosen, very sophisticated. I hope Ruby feels better soon and you look after yourself too. :-) xx

  2. Great card Kerry and a lovely picture of you and Ruby. I hope she is doing ok.

    Liza x

  3. Had a lovely time crafting with you too Kerry lets not leave it so long next time! Lovely picture of Mummy and Babe!!! Chanelle xxx