Wednesday, 2 January 2013

While my little angel sleeps I thought that I would come onto my little blog and wish everyone a Happy New Year even if it is late!  I had a lovely Christmas with the family, but little Ruby managed to sleep through most of it with me and her Dad opening all her presents!!  As usual my Mum, Dad & little Brother spent the day and night at our house.

2012 has been a fantastic year for me and I hope that 2013 will be another good one.  I am now on the countdown to my holiday in the summer with the family which I just can't wait for.  We didn't have a holiday last year because I was pregnant and we were trying to save the pennies!  Ideally, I don't want time to fly that much because I want to enjoy every minute of my maternity leave before going back to work in the summer.

Ruby is now 5 weeks old on this Thursday coming and she seems allot more settled and I am managing to get a little more sleep at night.  She still seems to be a bit of a vampire though!!

I have been managing to craft when Ruby sleeps or when Martin takes full control for a couple of hours at night and I have lots of orders to do.  I have been really good and saved some pennies from my Christmas orders so I am hoping to have a big craft shop soon with my Mum!  I just want to build it up a little more so I can get what I want without having to think about it!  Its also a shopping spree to look forward to!

My next post WILL be a card and I hope to get back into a routine with my blogging now that I am settled.

But for now here is a little picture of us on Christmas day at Mums.  Little Miss Christmas doesn't look amused........

and here she is fast asleep now with her Teddy Taggie blanket (photo is wrong way round, but I have no idea on how to flip it!!!!)
Right I am off to do a bit more blog hopping before Ruby wakes up and also prepare myself for Weight Watchers tonight to shed my baby weight!  I will be the size I want to be for my holidays!



  1. Hi sweetie I've just caught up with all the posts I have missed, I'm so sorry I'm late coming by.........I got so behind with things before christmas.
    Ruby is absolutely gorgeous, she really is a beauty hun & my does she have a lot of hair, its lush. Hope her sleeping pattern seetles more into a routine hun, my eldest was brilliant from the start.........he was the only one though lol. They say no 2 are ever alike, they were not wrong, Natalie still has us up in the night & she is 20 lol.

    Happy new year sweetie I wish you all your heart desires & more hun. Congratulations on becoming a lovely little family. Your daughter really is an angel bless her. Love all your photo's.

    Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx

  2. Oh so much better than a card - she is adorable - I was soooooo pleased with your news,and the outcome is just fantastic....enjoy goes soooooo fast.
    Happy New Year to you and your "family"
    Sarah xx

  3. Hi Kerry, Baby Ruby looks fantastic, She's so cute so sweet and so pretty! A beautiful family photo! Happy new year!!!

    Much Love.

  4. Hi Kerry

    Congratulations!!! Baby Ruby is beautiful, so so adorable, making me want one ;) I'm pleased you had a lovely Christmas and that Mum and baby are doing well :) I hope you manage to get some more sleep soon. Loving the photos, thank you for sharing.

    Wishing you every happiness for 2013 now you are a little family!

    Thank you for your lovely and very sweet comment on my blog :)


    Katrina xx