Friday, 1 January 2010

First Post

My first ever post!!!!!!

My new years resolution was to start my own blog. I was meant to start last year but kept putting it off. I have never really shared my cards or creations with anyone except my Mum before so this is a big thing for me. It has taken me hours to get my blog how I wanted it. I didn't want to post for the first time without a picture of a card; however because Christmas has come and gone I do not have any cards in reserve to show.


  1. Hi Kerry. Welcome to blogland. Look forward to seeing your work. Loving Max, what a cutie. Love Sandra x

  2. Oh My God!! It's about time babe, well done!! Can't wait to see you next post xx Glad you didn't go with the name Dad & Martin gave you!! far too good for that!!! lol xx

  3. Welcome to blogland looking forward to seeing your cards and layouts. Max is a reall cutie. Love Lynne xx

  4. Hi Kerry about time too! Looking forward to following your blog. Lovin the little puppy pictures x